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Hello !

I feel the need to reveal a story that pre-exists in the image, to bring it to you. It’s with this desire in mind that I realize most of my creations.
My world is split in two. On the one hand, I am devoured by the love of history and the styles that flow from it. Especially in past years such as the baroque and rococo style. On the other hand, I express myself through games of lights, colors and ambiance in a different way than in my «historical» photographs. My art can be particularly sensitive and personal, of a poetic fertility, and sometimes of a sterile coldness, a sign of a sleepy epoch.
Le Baiser was the first series I realized as an artist and affirmed my universe. I have always been fascinated by the baroque worlds, whether it be film, painting or fashion.
I continued in this desire to anecdote behind the image by realizing my memory: Au delà de l’image. My series Cariatide and Atlante is the fulfillment of a devouring passion for the history of a contemporary aesthetic. I learn with playfulness over my creations. For each image I feed and inspire myself with stories of the past or the daily.
Lingering period by period on portraits, fashion or atmospheres I do not know what will be my creations of the years to come.


  • 2017 European Bachelor in Photography (École de Condé Lyon, France)
  • 2017 TOEFL
  • 2013 MANAA, upgrade classes for applied arts (École de Condé Lyon, France)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2017 Au delà de l’image and others works, Galerie Livre en tête (Sallanches, France)
  • 2017 Au delà de l’image, École de Condé (Lyon, France)


  • 2017 Esthel Feugier, makeup and hairdressing
  • 2017 Clementine Perret, makeup and hairdressing
  • 2017 Le Boudoir, lingerie
  • 2016 Sioou, Temporary Tatoos
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